Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Cookie Crumbs

The sun's glow tapered over the window sil, my eyes danced with the birds.
The fan squeaks and the floor betrays my shift inside.
I look down to find sun's fingers tease an empty plate.
Oh, not so empty.
My finger skates across the porcelain, collecting cookie crumbs as it slides.
Oh, not crumbs, but memories.
An accidental chocochip, a rejected raisin - all memories.
Laughs cracked and pains eased,
Achievements cheered and cuts healed.
Stories exchanged and disappointments baled,
Arguments inticed and fatigues paled.
Hearts; broken and melted,
Shaken and united.
The wind of the dusk brings me back,
The memories now, dusted and rearranged on the rack.

Breads leave behind crumbs too. So do cakes. And so do many other scrumptious edibles. But the Cookie has been chosen for a special reason. Apart from the age-long fascination i've had with these diskettes and my ambition to cook the perfectly gooey, warm and at the same time crispy batch, i had additional interests too. The Cookie, to me, symbolizes innocence, frolic and instant smiles. It's one of those simple joys of life which make several moments more bearable or memorable as the case may be.
My Cookie imagery? A scraped knee, a glass of chocolate milk, a mother's hug, the sting of dettol and the Cookie - the perfect tiny packet of bliss. And memories. :)

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