Thursday, 16 June 2011

~ Shards ~

Shards shall be a compilation of words that went astray, poems and thoughts which went unfinished like uncut diamonds, like the lonely leaf which flies away from its tree, like the beads bounding away from a broken pearl necklace, like the Shards of glass; each glistening and complete in its own imperfect beauty.

I've met her at dusk
and seen her at dawn,
she reveals, but
only to those who consider her own.
- Sumit Narang

She whispers the words to the winds,
and the sands repeat the same.
But it's all a despairing vastness to 'em
and the melody remains unsung, plain.
- yours truly

The human cacophony weaves through my quiescence, plummets me into the pit of conscious and suddenly, i flow free; anywhere.
- me again

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