Friday, 10 June 2011

The sky - it's all webs.

I walk down the cobbled street
No whiff, no blink.
The tempest within, the emptiness without
I break my own story, link by link.
The closed windows, the knobless doors
The sky - it's all webs.
I sense the end, but i seek the ebb.
Pray tell me, where do i step?
The rust glows
The shine blinds,
Fight or flight?
Whichever, i don't mind.
The dropless storm washes my dread
Lightning crashes.
My ground is torn,
And my sky - it's all webs.


  1. Superb Job!! You have penned it beautifully!!

  2. Hey..thanks a lot Agam! Glad you liked it :) :)
    Most people would it find it too depressing or something and not wanna read it :P