Tuesday, 22 November 2011

10 Best Things About Running A Fever

10. Now, undeniably, indisputably and undoubtedly - you are 'hot'!

9. As a kid, i always thought to myself that with all that heat inside a body? Wow. It must be melting all the 'fat' accumulated inside and all those 'bad wormies' too, which make my tummy rumble. So yeah, your body becomes an incinerator for all things bad.

8. You're allowed to be irritable, lazy, icky and moody. You can pretend to be asleep when you don't wanna take a call or meet someone or answer someone. "She has a fever, she can't help it. Let it be." Untether yourself from social protocols.

7. Somehow, moving though a fever makes me feel that the body is getting catharcised, purged. A general sense of eery, other-wordly lightness is almost always experienced.

6. Cake, capsule or karela - it all tastes the same. This is the time i'm reminded of what my Grandma says, "The tongue is the biggest trickster. Inside the tummy, there's no taste." So, fever allows you to stack up on your nutrition quotient without yucks and throw-ups.

5. It's a couch holiday. You're stuck on one spot the whole day and watch movie+cartoons, read books, day dream, listen to music, day dream some more, have a reunion with all your imaginary childhood friends, rehearse important conversations that might be cropping up in future or re-staging the already happened ones...the possibilites are endless. No chores, no to-dos, food in bed. You might wanna marry your fever, if you could.

4. The heightened body-awareness - each movement, even a finger's twitch is registered and felt. It's like all your cells are high and excited and bumping into each other underneath the camouflage of the skin.

3. The whacky dream potpourri it creates for you. Probably the only access i have right now to 'alternate universes'. Your wildest, awake-state imaginations could be put to shame by the sheer bizzarity - swimming in an endless sea of Coca Cola, turning into your father, squeezing the earth inside a shoe...okay, i think i should brake here.

2. The king of em all - Mum's trebled Love. Mums will hug, cuddle and show you even more love than usual and if you're lucky, baby-talk to you in a way that will make you forget you aren't a 2 year old anymore.

What's that you say? The title announced 10 and i gave only 9 things? Bah! I'm writing this through a fever and it's my prerogative to do exactly as i desire. Phhbbt! :D

And aptly, the song for tonight is one which talks about being "on fire" - by Switchfoot. Burn the night away!

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