Saturday, 10 December 2011

My Carousel

Lightening, smoky
and from the cocoon of dawn
breaks forth
my cotton candy morn.

My heart rides the wave
I roll, i rumble,
the sun has never been softer
the bridges crumble.
The dusky veil
fairy dust in the air;
molten twilight
the spirit switches gears.

The loon beckons me to join
the mist shrouds
yet the call resounds;
Twinkle toes, ballet poise
taken up in arms
i listen to none but the Pied Piper
On and on goes my carousel.

Moony goes Loony tonight! And oh so enchantingly. :):) This eclipse comes only second to the one i witnessed many years back on a freezing winter night - i woke up @ 2:30am to feast my eyes on it. Today's made it much easier though..inshallah, nihaayiti khoobsurat tha :)
The song for tonight, one of ever so favourites when it comes to the Moony one, "Moondance" by Michael Buble..

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