Friday, 16 December 2011

Wordless World

The time spent on this planet till now has been laced with an unrecorded list of moments, of evanescent sensations, of the blinks of an eye which have fused subtle hues to my life - like the loops swirling across the surface of water when a loaded paintbrush kisses it gently. The water's colour changes, but ever so quickly drowns within its density.
I'm going to try and recount such moments, some of which have happened once and some which never cease to happen. I doubt if anyone can excavate any word/s for any of these, atleast to my satisfaction. Do you have an Expression for:

1. when you spy upon a splendid solitary singer serenading; unaware that someone's listening?
2. when you spill grape juice on your white tee?
3. when you swallow a wicked joke and/or the bitter truth for a friend who's distressed?
4. when after days of waiting for exams to ceasefire just so that you can sleep without an alarm, you wake up with the first sun ray in your room?
5. when you want to purchase something and you browse, procrastinate, plan, browse, procrastinate, re-plan, browse, procrastinate, re-re-plan and the day you decide to buy it, the store decides to shelve it?
6. when you get the last ticket to the first show of the first day of movie which?
7. when the morning you had thought your toothpaste tube will famish, you manage to squeeze out just enough paste to get you through that day?
8. when cruise alone on a road painted with rain and its hues?
9. when you manage, after a day of making funny faces, to eject that bugging food particle out of a crevice in your teeth?
10. when you share a silent, mutual laugh with a complete stranger on chancing upon a mutual object of observation or interest?
11. when you just about to shut shop and a colleague gleefully, politely dumps some urgent pile of work on you?
12. when a new pen starts off scratchily and betrays the silky smoothness you were prepared for?
13. when you're the last one to cross an intersection just when the light turns red
14. when you think you've put up your jazziest profile pic ever and no one seems to notice it, let alone 'like' it?
15. when the song that has been playing in your head since morning suddenly erupts from an unexpected source in the vicinity around you?

I invite you to add to this list. I'm sure there are many treasures lying hidden within.

I give you a song today which might confuse you, it did to me. Confuse about what? I leave that to you to decide - "a Song on the End of the World" by Csezlaw Milosz.. and tonight, sleep like your mother's favourite child. :)

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