Sunday, 1 January 2012

Life's Pop-ups :)

Here's a wishlist of drop-sized joys found in moments perfectly baked and made just for you. I hope these little quirks add that little glee and the skip in your step for all 365 days ahead. *wink from 2012*

1. When the bird's missile lands where your last step had been.
2. When you discover a washed-dried-ironed currency note in an old jacket's pocket.
3. When you get to lick the cake batter left over after the baking tin has gone into the oven.
4. When the auto guy unexpectedly tenders the 3 rupees change.
5. When you wake up feeling fresh as a daisy and your alarm is 6 minutes away.
6. When a chocolate is neither too hard or too soft and rolls in your mouth in fluid perfection.
7. When someone says a thank you when you allow em to pass first.
8. When a vehicle stops for you to cross first.
9. When an old, gifted bookmark slips out of an old, gifted book.
10. When a ten rupee note makes u smile coz of the funny scribble on Gandhi's face.
11. When you're in that semi-sleep state and relish the coziness of blanket cocoon.
12. When you are sandwiched in a gasping bus and the person on the seat right next to you decides to get down.
13. When the power goes out, you're alone at home and nobody can interrupt you watching the rain from the window.
14. When you start dancing in an empty elevator and snap to sober just before the doors open.
15. When a long, lost friend's friend request pops up on your screen.
16. When the lyrics to a song that you just couldn't recall, glide into your mind-space like a boat across the lake.
17. When the radio seems to know all your favourite songs that day.
18. When you get to be part of the fastest line at the grocery store.
19. When someone wakes you up with a kiss on the forehead and the sweetest melody which has just two words - good morning.
20. When the sun isn't on your side while you're on a roadtrip during summers.
21. When the ramshackle dhaaba serves the perfect chai.
22. When the perfect chai warms your frozen hands.
23. When the perfect chai costs less than what you pay for parking while in the city.
24. When you sleep so deep that you can't remember where you are when you wake up (sans consumption of any substance of course :P)
25. When everyone notices & confirms how dandy you're looking today.
26. When someone remembers something that you had thought that nobody had noticed you did.
27. When you're in the middle of a pressure cooker called deadline and someone brings you a cup of hot coffee/chocolate without being asked for.
28. When the phone screen beeps "battery full" just when you are about to step out.
29. When the elevator comes to your floor in a series of 25 floors, just as you approach it.
30. When you read any of the above and a smile of recognition sneaks on your face.

May 2012 never see you without a reason to smile and a pocket devoid of sunshine. :D
To kickoff the year, i leave you with a song to remind you all good things in life and to let you tune in with the slow pace of goodness - "Somewhere over the rainbow" by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole. :)

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