Tuesday, 3 January 2012

My life's Confetti :)

So i happened to open up some old stuff in the new year and it reminded me of some of the Good Stuff - which add that unspoken smile to my life's face and which are like a cosy quilt you snuggle up in on a lazy, winter afternoon when the sun is too shy to peep out of the mist. During one of my text conversations with a dear friend (yeah, in those days we had a lot of time na), i came across this thread of discussion where we had exchanged many texts on what we 'love' about life. I'm putting together here as a list, tits bits of the confetti that add the sparkle and little celebrations to my existence, everyday. I hope it atleast makes you smile :)

...long walks..chatty walks, silent walks.. the way our voices change due to a sore throat.. sunlight peeping the curtains...clouds swimming across the sky with a timeless pace.. splash in the puddles..lying and watching the starry sky..or the cloudy sky... doing nothing..
...getting lost in the crowd till you become no one.. feeling your presence...hoarded tokens..stamps... pencil strokes.. simplicity...being alone..hugs... fresh flowers in the house..wrinkled cheeks...teddies.. white socks..silence...
..photography...cute bugs.. trees, flowering or naked...the sound of water flowing.. the way people crowd around a tv in the market to watch a match or a breaking news...sunsets.. the colour Blue...oversized sweatshirts.. the moon...words..
...how strangers get talking on a train/bus/flight..forgotten traditions..rediscovering 'em... human passion...swimming..thehraav... old photos..irrationality...a baby's smile while he/she's sleeping...crayons... conversations.. colours...dad's awkwardness on receiving love.. grandparents' reactions on being gifted something... stories..
..the way music changes my mood..the way it makes me feel so deeply and be.. chocolates.. the way ripples spread across the surface...butterflies.. how a common thing moves people across borders...handwoven woollens.. mountains...
..books...cosy blankets...smiles...hot chocolate and a diary to read and write into..planets...animation...happy endings.. good wins over evil...mountains...maa ki goad.. the splendour and wisdom of nature...sports..

That's all i dug up for now. More soon to follow...i realized this is an easy way to express my gratitude and reconnect with all my Good Stuff. So, what's your list?? :)
The song for tonight is from the old classic "Casablanca" which sings about the 'fundamental things of life..' - couldn't think of a more suited song. Unwind. :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d22CiKMPpaY&feature=related

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