Wednesday, 4 January 2012

~ Shards ~

For this one, i'm gonna quoting here, verbatim, old messages that i unearthed. Texts which arose out of doing nothing and that i had sent to bug people. I hope i success in my endeavour again. :P

-- Seeing a different sorta early morning today. .or so I think. .there's this pale pinkish hue. .so light you would think it's the city lights. .scattered along the rims of the horizon. .while the rest of the sky is dark n dull. . You would have never guessed that the sun was gonna peep out very soon. . I guess that's how Life is too. .we just never know when the radiance will dispel everything and the dark long night will become a forgotten memory. .

-- Too often we confuse Hope with Expectations. Hope is life-giving, d other life-sucking. Hope is d common string dt runs thru all our stories, expectations feed our egos. Hope is part of d reason v r here, expectations- part of why v couldn't b somewhere better.

-- Yeah we run around in circles most of our lives..but each ride could be laden with newness...if only we could see beyond the unspoken, be touched by the unseen, be moved by the unfelt..each moment could fill you with gratitude, if only we were humble enough... I hope you find your haven to slip back into coz a real life lived seems mostly crash and burn..though really its just the way life turns...consistency is the killer.. I hope for you to gather courage & let yourself be surprised by a new sun, everyday...

And since the theme is nostalgia, the song i'm gonna put up today is one which reminds me of a friend every time i listen to it coz she loves this song and was the one who introduced me to it, too. If she's reading this, i know she knows it's her. :)
"The sweater song" by Hedley -

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